Leaning Ladder Bookcase Decorative

Leaning ladder bookcase – Shelf ladder to decorate and save space. You are right! The stairs are currently fashionable as decoration. Some who are now reading this post me decanters same for use as decorative objects stairs, unaware that they have the possibility of becoming more functional: a shelf.

The staggered shelves or shelf ladder (ladder-shaped) very useful as well as storage space for any object (book, plants, lamps, towels, etc.), take up very little space, which becomes very versatile decorative furniture we can put almost anywhere. As you can see in the pictures below you can be used in living room, dining room, kitchen and even bathrooms. 100% versatile.

As you can see by the above examples, this type of racking can be used anywhere in your house such as leaning ladder bookcase, they are nice, they can be placed in any free corner and are an economical alternative to traditional shelving. By the way if you do not like this kind of shelves, I wrote not long ago another post where I leave a list of original shelves for living rooms I could find by at a very good price and a post in which I speak about shelves and separators environments. Take a look for sure that I love.

Thanks for following this post where I talk about the ladder shelf and leaning ladder bookcase. We hope you have been helpful our ideas for decorating with these versatile shelves and put into practice all the ideas that you have shown.