Creating a Vanity with a Mirrored Dresser

Mirrored dresser – A mirrored dresser – one with mirrors or mirror-like material on their first, or perhaps the whole – is a suitable basis for a vanity. It hankers back to the days of old Hollywood glamour both function and style. Your vanity storage already built in, and you can use additional boxes for any number of other items. With your mirrored dresser as an anchor, is the creation of your vanity a question of space and equipment planning and – the piece resistance – the mood setting. Your vanity is your sanctuary while you ready yourself for the day or evening before, and it is as much a state of mind as it is a functional area.

Measure your mirrored dresser, and choose a location as close as you can to natural light during the time of day you usually get ready, especially for makeup application. Then evaluate the electrical outlet for your hair and mood or improved lighting. Look for an area of wall space for a large, hanging mirror. Finally, make sure there is enough space for seating; you will add it to your agency and should have enough room to comfortably move around it. Choose your seat. Since your agency is not likely to have an opening for a chair to tuck in under it when not in use, choose a bench instead.

Hang a large, stylish mirror above the vanity; it will be both decorative and functional. Select as wide and high as possible to meet your emergency needs, but remember its style is in line with your agency. A regular, oval or three-panel mirror with etching works nicely with an old Hollywood mirrored dresser. Add lighting. Wall sconces were popular in old Hollywood and will improve your hanging mirror.  Accessorize your vanity with other old Hollywood-inspired items such as vintage perfume bottles, antique picture frames and light. Choose accessories that make you feel good. Add a toe-speaking area rug if space permits.